World Music: Jew’s Harp

30 05 2010

Or Jaw’s harp. Somehow I think the latter sounds better. I absolutely love buskers, and in Toronto there are a plenty. This one isn’t in Toronto but I am amazed by this instrument and would like to learn how to play it. The artist’s name is Byon Keiichi, listen to him work that thing. I can imagine a group of people dancing around a campfire to this, move over Lady Gaga.

I like World Music and from now on when I come across an amazing instrument or musician I will feature them. These people and instruments need a lot of credits



Uncontacted Tribes

15 04 2009

An amazing video delivering awareness with the survival of uncontacted tribes around the world. It is very intersting to watch the impact of the outside world has to these nomadic people. There is a great ordeal that some of these tribes are being wiped out – from diseases, logging, genocide, violence or losing their culture.
There are two parts to the video.

The video is not mine, it is embeded from youtube.

Video: San Francisco

1 04 2009

Thought I’d like to share my video of my trip to San Francisco =) Taken Nov. 2008