Quick links to travel journals I’ve written so far.

To Count My Montecristo
June 6, 2011

“I was somehow convinced by a total stranger that it was necessary for me to purchase a box of Montecristo. Foolish feelings aside, I thought it’d would’ve been a great story to tell when I get home. “

A blast in San Blas
Feb. 8, 2010

“Sometimes, you do believe in things happen for a reason and whatever reason the inhabitants of this minuscule island had to just pack up their belongings and desert the island gave us the opportunity to have it all to ourselves”

Canada’s Northen Art
October 28, 2008

“Behind the glass display, tiny intricate figurines will bedazzle your eyes as the nakedeye closely watch how such micro statues were made with such details.”

In The Jungle, The Mighty Venezuelan Jungle
April 7, 2009

“As my eyes adjusted in the dark I heard the howling of a monkey in the distance. While the rest of us was trying to sleep, the forest was wide awake.”

Viva Lost Vegas!
January 19, 2009

In excitement, Jimmy told me ‘Las Vegas, Ashley. The lights. The people. And Money.’ – Ironically, they are also the things that everyone lose themselves into.”

The Fog Rolls in San Francisco
November 17, 2008

“As it swallowed up every light on its path, stars from afar too were shutting off their twinkles. In about ten minutes or so, the entity swallowed the entire city’s nightlight and started creeping in towards us.”

London: As Far as the ‘Eye’ Can See
October 24, 2008

“Getting into the pod was tricky, it was almost like performing a secret dance that nobody can ever teach you, you just had to learn it by yourself.”

Flying Over Catalina Island
October 14, 2008

“It was half terrifying and half exciting as Kristine and I screamed and giggled at the same time. And when we finally got settled from the shock that was when we noticed what was around us. The view was mesmerizing. The experience, exhilirating. From a bird’s eyeview, the island was gorgeous and the water below, deep!”


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