Round Ireland with a Fridge

3 01 2010

“I hereby bet Tony Hawks the sum of One Hundred Pounds that he cannot hitchhike round the circumference of Ireland, with a fridge, within one calendar month”

£100 is a lot of money. More so, a lot of money to put a bet on. Though on one drunken night, Tony Hawks agreed to conquer the stretch of the Emerald Isle in one month – by sticking his thumb out – and in an even more bizarre fashion, accompanied with a common household, a fridge!

Go on, raise an eyebrow, but Hawks have managed to do so and even became a travel icon and stole the hearts of the Irish people. Whether his decision to go forth with the bet was an excuse to go on an adventure or to save himself from embarrassment of not fulfilling a so-called-drunken bet, you will flip through the pages laughing out loud as he describes his misfortunes, mishaps, encounters and road less traveled stories of Ireland.

A bestseller, this book will definitely take you straight to the hearts of the Irish people. Their generosity, kindness and openness to strangers (especially hitchhikers) is definitely a reason alone to love the Emerald Isle.

“Have you ever made a drunken bet? Worse still, have you ever tried to win one? In attempting to hitchhike round Ireland with a fridge, Tony Hawks did both, and his foolhardiness led him to one of th ebest experiences of his life. Joined by his trusty traveling companion-cum-domestic appliance, he made his way from Dublin to Donegal, from Sligo through Mayo, Galway, Clare, Kerry, Cork, Wexford, Wicklow-and back again to Dublin. In their month of madness, Tony and his fridge met a real prince, a bogus king, and the fridge got christened. They surfed together, entered a bachelor festival, and one of them had sex without the other knowing. And unexpectedly, the fridge itself became a momentary focos for the people of Ireland.”



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17 03 2010

Hey buddy, I’m enjoying the blog. Keep up the good work.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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