CAPTURE: Punting

9 06 2009

On a fine beautiful day during my trip in England my friend suggested we head to the city of Cambridge, about an hour train ride away from Baldock (an hour and a half to two hours train from London). A quaint, peaceful small city, Cambridge is known for its University (Cambridge University, 4th oldest University in the world).

Like the rest of England, I was thrilled to see cobble stoned streets, cute little shoppes, century old houses, gargoyle-guarded church, cafes and botiques. Walking around the campus of Cambridge University are constant reminders of ‘Keep Quiet’ to give the students the peace they need to study. However, what stood out for me the most is a Cambridge tradition called punting.

Punting is a past time for Cambridge students (and locals), where a flat bottomed boat is proppeled by a long pole along the river Cam within the University. It isn’t like a Gondola ride in Venice but observing students flip through their thick text books while sitting on the simple raft and the chauffer pushes the raft along the river looked more serene for me. I could have gone for a ride but there were still a lot of places I had to see around Cambridge so I patiently waited until a ‘punt’ boat came along. It wasn’t easy waitig at the top of the bridge for boats to come by below you.

There were times were three boats came at the same time, and then just one but it went by too fast. Until I waited patiently for this punt to float along the river, slowly and took a few snapshots until I got a good one.

Punting” photo taken by me. Cambridge, England




2 responses

9 06 2009

nice pic!
i’ve just been to cambridge, such a nice peaceful tranquil city. i love it so muchie!

9 06 2009

Awww looks awesome, Ashley! I’m supposed to go to Cambridge next month for a wedding and my cousin booked punting for us… but I think I have to cancel the trip ;(

Glad to see you had a good time!

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