Toronto: The Unknown City

19 04 2009

The city of Toronto celebrated it’s 250th annivery on March 6, 2009. This is a book I highly recommend, a read that is just going to make you love Toronto even more bringing you its secrets that even some of the locals never knew about (believe me, it is like a history book to me)

Toronto, named by UNESCO as the world’s most multicultural city, attracts thousands of toursts annually to its fascinating neighbourhoods and thriving cultural scene. But in its 250-year history, Toronto has also become a place of many intriguing secrets.

Toronto:The Unknown City delves into the lesser-known spaces and stories of Hogtown, offering tantalizing tidbits of local lore, offbeat facts, and surprising anecdotes that will captivate visitors and locals alike. From sealed-off public spaces to lost railways, tales of true crime to behind-the-scenes movie gossip, this book is packed with revelations. There’s also a guide to one of the world’s most eclectic dining scenes, plus celebrity stories, sports snippets, a backstage tour of the threatre and music worlds, fabulous shopping tips, and much more. Titillating and tempting, Toronto: The Unkown City lifts the veil off Canada’s largest metropolis to reveal the mysteries, marvels and monstrosities that lie beneath.

A book that will truly inspire locals to understand the city of Toronto even further, and for tourists, this might just help you blend in. Revealing secrets, locations and facts about Toronto not everyone knows about, read this and you could boast being a walking-talking-Toronto-guide.

Other books available in the Unknown City series: Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, New York, San Francisco, and many more!




3 responses

24 09 2009
Claus G

Never been to Toronto, other than passing through their airport, as it’s one of the main connections to anywhere in the world from Vancouver.
I hope to finally get to visit the city sometime in the next couple of years thought!

Have you been, or just read the book?

26 09 2009

I live in Toronto lol

27 09 2009
Claus G

hahaha oops hahaha.
thought you lived in San Fran for some reason ­­:-$

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