CAPTURE: What in the world?!

18 04 2009

Exhausted we were from parasailing and being deeply disappointed with the submarine tour, my friends and I decided to explore the rest of Catalina Island more on foot. We passed by quirky shoppes, other touristy activities and a casino that turned out to be a museum (and worse, closed for the day), eventually we decided to just keep walking and relax for the remainder of the day before we had back to the port and get on the Catalina Flyer to take us back to Newport Beach.

Along the coastline, we noticed something peculiar with the palm trees. From below and afar, they looked just as fine but when we walked by a tree about our height we noticed there was something queer about the way it was trimmed. We laughed, and joked and thought whoever was their landscaper had a great sense (and dirty) of humour. The display was way too phallyc to be just a coincidence and a real close resemblance to…well, take a look at the photo and you decide.

Phallyc” photo taken by me. Catalina Island, California




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18 11 2012

At first glance, I thought “what? it’s just a…oh….”

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