Got Gas? Canada says goodbye to a funny group of friends.

13 04 2009

It is undoubtedly Canada’s funniest comedy. When Corner Gas came out on Canadian television six years ago, the cast of Corner Gas had no idea that their lovely show would even last one season. Located in the fictional town of Dog River, Saskatchewan, the show consists of a great collection of casts: Brent Leroy, the owner of the show’s infamous corner gas; his bestfriend Hank Yarbo, Dog River’s most likely candidate ‘village idiot’; Wanda Dollard, opposite Yarbo as the candidate for the town’s smartest person who coincidentally works as a clerk at corner gas; Brent’s mother Emma who often has to deal with her husband Oscar’s shortcomings (a runner up to Hank); the town’s two officers Sergeant Davis Quinton and Constable Karen Pelly; and the town’s newcomer Lacey Burrows who moved from the big city (Toronto) to re-open Ruby’s Cafe beside Corner Gas, completing an ensemble that truly promises a laugh out loud Canadian style.
But tonight, April 13, 2009, the laughter is coming to an end.

The show is dubbed one of Canada’s funniest comedies and true to it. Unlike most of its American and British counterpart comedies, Corner Gas has a different style and effect on being funny. The comedy doesn’t rely much on sexual innuendos or creating a character that is ill-fatedly retarded (Hank and Oscar’s shortcomings are just due to their innocence or lack of understanding of what’s going on around them). It relies on the character’s wits, shortcomings, quirkiness, light humour and oddness that just makes it entirely laughable. And if a show can pull off cameos with politicians being less-reserved, then it must be funny (former Govt. General Adrian Clarkson, I will take that barn down with you!)

Little or less is known much about the life in the Canadian Praires and having a comedy sketch in rural Saskatchewan is like a dose of a new medicine. How do people in the Prairies live their everyday lives? How crazy do they get when things aren’t as accesible around in the middle of nowhere? And what excactly is a gopher? The show uncovers a beautiful scenery of Saskatchewan and the lives of the people in a small praire town. Fictional Dog River is located in Rouleau, Saskatchewan, a once sleepy town which closest biggest city is Regina, it has gathered attraction to tourists ever since the show aired. Tourists now flock to the area to visit the site of Dog River and possibly see some of their favourite characters on set. Corner Gas definitely put Saskatchewan on the map.

Garnering international attention, Corner Gas has made an impact on Canadian Television and foremost the hearts of Canadians. The characters of the shower are relatable that’s what makes them funny. They are not far-fetched from the norms of society can easily fit one in a group of friends. We have become friends with them, we have become a part of this small group of people in a small town in rural Canada. And yes, we are saddened to see the go.

So why, if it truly does gather a lot of great criticism and international attention, is the show ending? Creator and Producer Brent Butt (no, it’s not to be funny, that really is his last name) says that he wanted to end the show during its highest peak. Butt claims that he wanted to end the show while people still remember it being funny, and not remembered as “used to be funny”. Some shows end because people stopped liking them, he wanted people to like the show as much as they liked the beggining til the end. That makes sense. (Brent Butt plays Brent Leroy in the show, yes, the Corner Gas owner) Tonight, I will probably skip watching another of my favourite show Heroes and watch the finale of my favourite Canadian comedy instead. Corner Gas is definitely a show I will remember being funny. I will probably cry, but most of all I will laugh.



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