CAPTURE: Windsurfing

31 03 2009

A photograph speaks a thousand words. It is a moment in still life captured on film through the eyes of the photographer. In every adventure and travel we take, we end up being in those moments that we just have to keep a glimpse of that excact seconds, a memory frozen in time forever. Some may be artistic, most will be beautiful, but only a few will have a story to tell. CAPTURE will be part of my travel blog to share those moments I’ve had, the world as I see it.

Here is my first CAPTURE, let’s start in my own hometown.

Taken back in 2006 I took the ferry to Ward’s Island (part of Toronto Island) and got there in time for sunset. As I watch the city from across the lake, a few windsurfers glide the waters of Harbourfront, I took a few snapshots and this was the best one. I posted it online and a few months later got a feedback from somebody praising my photo with “Love this shot. The colours make it feel tropical and warm…then you realize there are no leaves on the tree,” that’s when I realized I did take the photo back at the beggining of the fall.

CAPTURE will be a new series in my blog along with ‘Book Recommendations’ and the occasion Travel movie review. If you have any CAPTURE pictures you’d like to share, I’d be glad to post it.
Windsurfing” photo taken by me. Toronto, Canada




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