Traveling Across Canada On Your Movie Couch…or Motorcyle.

30 03 2009

What would you do if you only have one day, one week or one month to live?

New York will be featured in at least three movies a year, Hollywood’s recent fascination with Asian countries could lead us either to Japan or somewhere in China (and lately India), Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman made Down South even more delicious than it was before, and well any country in Europe you will find in the next film festival. How does Canada respond to that? A motorcycle trip across the Great White North of course!

Directed by Michael McGowan (don’t ask what films he’s made, you’ve probably never heard of them either), One Week is a story about Ben Tyler (Joshua Jackson, known as Paycee Witter from Dawson’s Creek or if you’re old enough to remember the Mighty Ducks he played Captain of the team Charlie Conway), a Torontonian Public School teacher who recently just found out he has cancer. The thought of his mortality taken away awakens his desire to set his priorities…does he go through the painful treatment? Or make the boldest and out of character decision that could possibly change the remainder of his life forever?

And in a (what I would call) heroic decision, he chooses the latter.

After purchasing a motorcyle off he goes on the biggest adventure of his life to cross Canada from Toronto to British Columbia leaving everything behind and on hold back home including putting off his wedding. On his adventure, he ventures for ‘Canada’s Biggest‘ in whichever town/city stops (e.g. World’s Biggest pin, salmon, praire camel, fire extinguisher, teepee…just to name a few). Along the way he meets fellow Canadians that I’m pretty sure at least one of them we can say “Hey, I know that Canadian!” or even better “That Canadian is me.” While the adventure takes us on a not-so-wild ride, the entertainment comes from the darling wits, unexpected twists, life lessons and the often quotes to ponder (That which we are, we are by Ulysses made a cameo). And speaking of cameos, the Stanley cup made a cameo, also Joel Plaskette as a busker.

“What life boat would you grab on to…
What wish would you fulfill…
What’s the minimum in life?

Though if you were expecting the movie to teach you anything about Canada either its history or culture then you are in for some disappointment, it doesn’t. The story truly really revolves around Ben Tyler – his life, his relationships, his dreams, his struggles – and nothing at all about Canada. But sit tight, relax and just enjoy the scenery and get bedazzled with the places where the story takes you – from the eternally flat prairies, to gorgeous Banff, and surf town B.C. and of course the constant shot of my beloved city Toronto – this movie is about to take you on a ride from Ontario to the West Coast of Canada that I wouldn’t doubt is secretly a Tourism ad.

Love it or hate it, whatever your take on this movie whether it lacks Hollywood effects, or the lines are too cheesy, or terrible acting; though the lack of Hollywood effects makes it completely Canadian, lines aren’t too cheesy and the acting isn’t terrible…it’s an amazing movie. One thing that everybody in the theatre could agree and I quote from the German tourist “May I say that you live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world,”said he to Ben Tyler. And I’ll be damned, I have never been so proud to live in this country.



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11 04 2009

Thanks for the movie tip! I am so going to track it down! Such a creative site!

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